Where are Publishing settings in new UI?

Possibly an incredibly stupid question, but I can’t find publishing settings after the UI update to set up redirects, domains, etc. Site settings no longer has tabs at the top and only offers a view of General Settings (screenshot). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

It should look like the attached, in the left column nav. How were you able to access the General settings?

I was able to access General Settings by clicking the 3 dots on the website thumbnail in my workspace > Settings. That left sidebar doesn’t appear for me—my screenshot is all that shows up.

That’s very strange! You might see if your browser has an update available. And/or restart the browser. My attached shows that it’s called “left nav bar” using a grid display. Would be interesting to know if the div is recognized when inspecting.

Unfortunately, updating and restarting my browser hasn’t helped, nor did switching between Firefox and Chrome. I asked a teammate to look as well, and he can’t see a sidebar either. And no “left-navbar” in inspector! Can I ask what browser you’re using / what Webflow plan you’re on?

I’d definitely contact support.
I’m on an Agency Plan and using the latest version of Chrome. Also checked my account on Safari and Firefox and they work as expected.

Got it, thank you so much for your help!