Can't publish custom domain

Hello, I paid for the BASIC PLAN so I can publish our custom domain. Whenever I try to publish, webflow’s asking me to upgrade my plan. In this link, basic plan comes with custom domain publishing.
Custom Domain Error

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You need to add the custom domain before you can publish to it.
Check your dashboard site settings, and add it there.

You’ll also be able to verify that you’ve added the Basic plan to the correct site.

This is what it looks like in site settings.

This is my plan.

If those screenshots are from the same site, then it looks like a bug to me.
I’d clear my browser cache, disable browser extensions, logout and back in again… and if those don’t fix it, I’d contact support.

Hey @Marketing_Team2 — Joshua here from Webflow Support. As @memetican mentioned, if those screenshots are from the same site, then there is most likely a glitch somewhere. The Support Team would be very happy to take a look for you. Feel free to submit a ticket at and follow the prompts :blue_heart: