When I change the image, it changes everywhere

Hello, can you help me?

When I change the image, it changes everywhere, how can I make it change only in one place?


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Hey Robert,

You’ll want to make sure to share a read-only project link to your site any time you post here, otherwise no one can see your settings or help you find your problem.

But I’ll make a guess-

This is probably the most likely scenario-

  • You have two elements like DIVs on your site
  • Both are sharing the same class
  • You’re setting your image using the background-image style property

Since this is a style, it’s part of the class definition. Anywhere you use that class, will use those style settings.

If my guess is correct, you have three solutions;

  1. Go to one of them, and duplicate that style to create a variation. That will let you style both elements independently.
  2. Sub-class. If you want those to elements to share most of their style settings EXCEPT the image itself, you can keep the same class on both, and then add a sub-class. The sub-class will define the image. The base class will define other settings like layout, margins, and sizing. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, best to read up on classes in Webflow University. This is a slightly more advanced use of them, you won’t have fun if you walk in blind.
  3. Swap those elements out for image elements. It the images are inconsistenly-sized from the frame, read up on object-fit in the Webflow U.