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Changing Image Sizes

I’d really like a way to make my images consistent across my website. On my home page when you scroll down to my Client List, I have uploaded different sized images but I really want them all to look the same size (i.e. consistent width and height). I can’t seem to find a way to get them all consistent whether by re-sizing or cropping off bits of the image. I’d appreciate if anyone can help direct me to where this can be changed or some way I can set a rule on the dimensions.

Also my “About Us” Section seems to be “flashing” when I go into preview mode and I cant seem to find any way of stopping this - it doesn’t flash in edit mode so can;t understand why this is.

Thanks in advance for any help

Here is my public share link:

Hi @jadis
Have you tried to put your images inside a Div Block with specific dimensions?

and the About Section you have selected “Loop option” and because you have a couple of interactions set to that trigger it cycles them every time

Try to eliminate the loop option and see what happens and if it’s the effect that you’re looking for.

Hi @aaronocampo
I’ve managed to sort those images out - thanks for the tip.

I cannot seem to find where I get to the “Interactions” drop down which you posted above - How do you get to this drop down?

When you have selected the about section you can go the interactions tab

Then you have the interaction called “move flypaper”

clic on the wrench icon there, and it’ll show you the settings for that interaction

on the Trigger Section, clic on wrench on the scroll animation

and there you’ll have those options. :wink:

:relaxed: You’re a star thanks so much - back on track now!

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I noticed that you’re using the image element to show your product on the wrapper, I would recommend to use Div Background Images instead, so the image wont shrink or deform with the browsers window aspect ratio.

Just a thought…

Oh crumbs i didn’t think of that - what would be the quickest way to change from image element to Div Background?

Just create a Div Block with a generic name with the dimensions that you need, then assign a combo class name for each image that you’re gonna use.

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