What's the difference between custom code in the setting and custom code in the designer?

I’m trying to update my GA4 instance before July 1st.

When you go to the site settings (outside of the Designer) there is a custom code section that give you the option to “Add code at the end of the tag”. I can also go into Sites > Open Designer > Pages> {My Homepage} > Settings> Custom Code, and it says “Inside tag”. What’s the difference between these two? Where do I put my GA4 custom code? Does it matter?

For context, I tried adding my GA4 measurement ID into the settings last week and it has not been collecting data as of today. As a result, I want to add the custom HTML to the tag.

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  • Custom code under site settings is site-wide, and appears on every page.
  • Custom code under specific static page settings is page-specific, and appears only on that page
  • Custom code under Collection page settings appears on every instance of that collection page ( e.g. every blog article ).
  • Custom code in an HTML embed appears in the position the HTML embed was placed in your page

For analytics, you probably want to track traffic across your site, so you want it on every page.
Put it in your site-wide settings.