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What's the best way to create a photography portfolio

Would it be with the lightbox? Still having a hard time with making lightbox hover even after reading all the forums. I can successfully make an image hove, but not a lightbox.

Is there another way? I was thinking about something like this

Would anyone know how to make something like these portfolio’s in web flow? Also, how to save each image so the loading time doesn’t take FOR-EV-ER!

Many thanks in advance,

  • Brent

Hello @brentpic.

It seems on both of sites that you showed links, every picture takes it’s own html page when it is opening. It is not the same like lightbox.

For make your site loading pictures faster I would recommend to use some compression programs or even online services. I am using (works with jpg and png formats)

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Yeah, I’m just working on a new site (photography) and need a nice clean sleek portfolio section. Trying to figure out the best way to accomplish that without it looking tacky or obnoxious.

Do you have any suggestions?

I found something in web flow here.

how was this portfolio made?

I really appreciate the help.

Ok that portfolio made with lightboxes.

Structure something like this:

Every lightbox has 1 same picture “thumbnail” and “media”. There is some of lightboxes “connected” in albums, that’s why u can see small thumbnails on the bottom when you opening any pic.

This is great! I’m going to give it a shot. Thank you Sabanna.

You can see what I have now at but I’m actually redesigning the entire site and going to try this out. I think this will give it the fresh modern feel I’m going for. I may have to do something different for mobile, not sure yet. Sometimes I have a hard time with mobile and portfolio/rows/columns. Ugh, that gets annoying sometimes, but that’s for another thread here HA!

Thanks again,

  • Brent
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I like your site’s style. And yes, such gallery will looks good there :slight_smile: Good luck! Feel free to ask if you will “stuck”.

I’m having a hard time with the image size and pixels, etc. They’re definitely large enough for the space, but look blurry… maybe compressed or something? Like, is there an easy way to determine the size of the image with the place holder?

Here’s how it looks (a little blurry)

And here’s how crisp it should look (both screen shots taken from within web flow editor)

Could you share read-only link to your project?

I’m having a problem making my portfolio look nice and clean as well as looking nice and clean across all devices. I will seriously pay someone to help me clean up my website.


Portfolio looks one way in web flow, looks another way published. UGHHH!!!

Dear web flow, please make photographer friendly elements to make a nice/clean portfolio. Please… Thanks!

  • A frustrated photographer
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Read Only Link:


I like the way you have the portfolio in your illustration. I like the boxes (square), and when clicked on launches the large photo.

I’m just trying to get this portfolio to look clean and sleek and easy to load/view on all devices.

I would appreciate your help so much! Willing to compensate for your time if you could really help me out here.

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