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What would be the steps to implement this jQuery?

Hi, I’d like to add this social feed to my site. It was used on a site example yesterday on @PixelGeek workshop featuring awesome Webflow search developer.

I understand how to add js per page, head, body, etc. fields but which snippets of code go where?

This might be the basic steps of adding code from Github.

Thanks, Susan

Load dependency CSS - head

In general :slight_smile:
CSS is in the head (Use CDN .min) - see this stackoverflow Q

Load JavaScript last - before body

JS.min before body is better for performance (Read this stackoverflow Q -or- this + google it):

Example: Go to this example - right-click “view page source” (And see - CSS in the head & JS before body)

Entire site VS Individual-page

If you want to use this library in the entire site (Or Most pages) - put this globally (If not - for performance issue its better to use “per page”).


This is in general. If you want more specific answer add more details (“which snippets of code go where” is to general).


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