What template was used in the scroll line effect in these websites?


I was hoping you might be able to help me…

I would like to know what template or animation/effect was used to get the scrolling line effect.

Website example 1: www.activeincome.com

Website example 2: www.jointhetruth.io

To explain further what I am looking for:

The purple and white circle that follows the line as you scroll down AND when you reach the bottom part of the second example, where it starts with “#1 Mental” and then the tabs stack on top of each other.

Please help! Thank you

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@Darren_Ebel if I were lazy, and I am today, I’d just use a fixed div for the line and sticky one for the dot. Here’s a cloneable for you: https://webflow.com/made-in-webflow/website/webflow-timeline-interaction