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What mobile height to use in designer

Hi everyone.

So if I view any desktop project that has a 100vh, in landscape mobile view…well, it stretches all the way to the top and bottom of my desktop screen. Which obviously isn´t in proportion to a mobile device.

Should I use 100% for the mobile height (instead of 100vh) for mobiles?

Thanks a million! I´m sure it´s fairly easy!

No. You can use vh on any viewport.

100% vs 100VH.


Is relative value (100% of the parent item - any block item div/section/body and so on)
Read this relative Q:


A unit (relative to the viewport*) - 1vh = 1% of the viewport size

*What is viewport?

** If you have specific design/layout problem - please add url/project share. Thanks :slight_smile:

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