What is your favorite photo resizer?


I use PS for jpeg’s and imagealpha for PNG’s. For Gifs I use a webapp called ezgif


So you’re saying i was wrong in choosing the image that was done in PS vs tinypng? I think you aren’t quite understanding me because I have not changed my position at all, only elaborated. PS IS awful at compressing images for the web, tinypng and jpeg mini do it much better. Additionally PNG sizing by photoshop is horrendous. PNG logos with transparency for example. You must use png24 in photoshop to retain transparency. Tools like tinypng convert it to 8 bit without losing transparency and reduce the file size massively without any visible degradation.

I have been nothing but respectful but you seem to be getting more and more disrespectful. The Webflow forums are here for friendly discussions.

My favorite bulk resizer: http://www.bulkresizephotos.com/ :smiley:

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