What is the fastest way to convert Squarespace and Wordpresss CSS into Webflow?

I find it fairly painstaking to manually transpose wordpress / squarespace pages into webflow.

Ideally I would like to simply make div blocks (such as section -> container -> rows -> div blocks -> etc) assign class names to each div and somehow transpose the css settings into the respective given class name. Similiar to bootstrap css framework.

No fast/auto way (By some generator or any other idea) - only manually.

Anyway the design/prototyping on webflow is very very fast (So you don’t really need CSS generator). Start here:

A. BASE Styling

Set base color, fonts on the body (Like this no need for each element to declare the fonts, base color and so on).

All styling set on this tag will be inherited by all body elements across your site


B. HTML Tags style

Use the same idea to declare the size of h1-6, lists, links and so on:

C - colors swatches


Declare A+B+C will give you great CSS starter.


For CMS data (Blog, team members and so on) - you can import CSV (Learn her about webflow CMS):