What is the best section height for a infinite scroll page?

I’ve been looking around and of course I can’t find an single example when I need it, yet I see them all the time on websites :frowning:

My current dilemma is that I don’t quite grasp what/how to do with section height. From what I can gather, it’s a fixed setting, which means there will always be overlap/gaps between section on different screen sizes(with the same platform).

I’m sure I’m just missing something, but what are people’s thoughts when creating a long page with various sections?

Kinda wish there was a ‘section = device screen height’ option. Maybe there is and I’m just completely blanking on how to do it but I really could use some ideas here.

Well, see, I found it. Section height = 100%. Don’t I feel like a dork.

Man, I need more coffee…

Height 100% is only going to work when the body element also have height 100%. It produces no effect on the body but allows other elements to spread to the entire height of the browser.

Now Webflow supports any unit that HTML supports. Even if it’s not available in the dropdown unit menu, you can type them in and Webflow will retain them.

VH is very usefull for what you do. It’s “percentage of the viewport”. So 100VH will have the effect of 100% but you don’t need to give any property to the body.

VW is percentage of the viewport width, VH for height.

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Thanks @vincent!

See, I need reminders like this so I keep it more in mind when I’m doing this.

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