What happens if I pause the subscription?

Hello everybody,

I’m gonna take some time off from Webflow and working on other projects that don’t need Webflow integration.

I was wondering what is going to happen to my projects if I pause my Account plan.
Only 2 projects allowed in the free plan: how does it work if I have for example 10 projects right now?
Only two pages allowed in the free plan: what is going to happen to the other pages in my existing projects?
No custom code in the free plan: as above?


Nobody never paused the subscription?

I cannot find written anywhere how Webflow deals with your projects if you stop your account plan.

I guess the account goes back to be a free version, but what happens to your projects that are not compatible with a free account?

Hi @waterbear83 - great question!

We have some info here about downgrading/cancelling a paid account plan to return to the Starter Account plan - however I can also summarise in this thread:

  • Any projects which have their own hosting plan, continue to be managed as normal, these don’t count towards the 2 project limit on the Starter Plan.
  • The first 2 unhosted sites that you created on the account will remain editable, but any additional unhosted sites will be locked, until you either add a hosting plan to a site, or upgrade to the Lite or Pro account again.
  • Custom code will still be available on sites with a site hosting plan, but not on the unhosted sites. Custom code is a feature of our paid plans (either site plan or account plan)

I hope this is useful - and feel free to contact us with any questions about your specific account here: Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University :webflow_heart:

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Hi @Stu , will the first 2 unhosted sites remain editable even if they have more than 2 pages? If they wouldn’t remain editable, will they at least not be removed and remain in my workspace as locked projects?