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What happened with my Hover,Pressed, Focused?

Webflow - Doubleness - Google Chrome 2020-11-02 15-06-48


When i open Hover,Pressed, Focused in selector (mobile version) my grid crash.

More details

  1. when on any object, I press the hover, the structure of the grid changes. I think this is the BUG.
  2. the grid changes as if there is an element whose fr is 2 points greater than that of the grid. Because of this, all other blocks automatically jump.
  3. on the desktop, the grid works fine

What I tried but didn’t work for me:

  1. change the class. When you change the class, the grid will still change
  2. move inner elements to another block and back
    (Grid: Error when hovering over moved elements on mobile views)
  3. Removed all “hover” on the grid
  4. corrected the size of the “column span” of the child objects of the grid
  5. Even after removing all the blocks, this bug remains

Link project

Hi @lsalex122 ,

On your Grid basic class you have hover state property change to the grid element. Specifically in the auto-generated columns property (from 1fr to 0.25fr).
This is what braking the grid.

I generally suggest not to change grid properties with hover states since they are a bit more complex to edit and target.

Thanks. I fixed this hover but this does not solve this trouble.
Dont forget this bug work not only hover. (Hover, Pressed, Focused)

If the hover state change still happens, it is probably because there’s still a hover state change.
I would completely remove all hover states on this element (not revert the changes on mobile) and see if still problem exsists.

I made a duplicate of this site and changed to a different class. But this error also remains

Grid basic The dot on the hover shows that there are changes, but when I enter the section adjustment field, it says that there are no changes (