What happened to the "Cloneable" showcase category?

Hello hello!

I just noticed the Cloneable link on the showcase has gone missing! However, I can still access the page directly.

I suuuuper hope this means ya’ll are about to release a brand new showcase :smile: :pray:

I noticed this as well - I’m wondering if it has something to do with the nasty, evil spammer action that was going on??

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+1 ^ I assume it’s temporarily removed while they work to implement a long-term anti-spam solution.

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Hey all,

I don’t have any information about the Clonable link, but I do know that the staff has been cleaning up spam today including your showcase @KPMT. Please let me know here if you notice any spam accounts, comments, or showcases so that I can make sure to pass the information along.

Together we can keep our community clean and strong! :muscle: :webflow_heart:


@matthewpmunger I noticed that too - thanks Webflow folks!

Boo to spammers! And thank you to the Webflow folks for cleaning up all that nasty spam :clap: - I’m sure it’s been a chore!


The Recent and Clone pages are now back. Also, yes we were cleaning up the spam. Thanks for your patience with this matter :smiley: