We've just launched a new version of our Site!

Hey Community!

We wanted to share a new version of our site that we’ve just launched and that we are really proud of!

Check it out!

Also, we have a page dedicated to different resources and tools, Small Source is a curation of more than a decade of browsing and code inspecting, use at your own risk and share without limits.

Thank you for reading! :hugs:
Small Potion Team


Awesome website @Ismael_Estefanell. Thanks for sharing your resources!


That’s great work. I’m glad to see it. Do you have any recommendations for good stores.

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Hi Maxroy,

Do you mean e-commerce? We have been using Shopify with the Udesly App.

Amazing site @Ismael_Estefanell :sparkles::evergreen_tree: and very exciting project!

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Thanks a lot, @Lanzi :raised_hands:

I really like the design! Nice work @Ismael_Estefanell :smiley:

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Thank you @Learningbizz !

All credit for the design goes to Jean-Paul :wave:

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