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New website 2.0 Ea design works

Hi to all!

I published my webpage in november and I presented it in this forum.
The webpage presents my design portfolio.

I actualized my webpage. Now is the 2.0 version. Thank for all the comments that I received.


  • Actualize images
  • Optimize images
  • Include Language bar (spanish and english)
  • Actualize information


Thanks! Weblfow is amazing

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I’d just like to say that this website is fantastic! Excellent use of typography and general site organization. :smiley:

The only thing that I would recommend adding is header text on the Hero Slider images.

Great work! :clap:

Ok. Yes I need to check some things, but I tried to do the best.


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Bro don’t sweat it! My suggestion is a very small personal preference. Your site is stunning! :smiley: