We're building a multi-language tool made exclusively for Webflow and we'd love to hear your thoughts

Hi everyone!

After scaling a Webflow service (Flowout) for the last year and a half, we decided to start providing more value to the Webflow community by building new products within the Webflow ecosystem.

We’re now building Linguana, a multi-language tool made exclusively for Webflow: https://www.linguana.io

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on a couple of things:

  • What’s the biggest pain related to translating Webflow websites in your opinion?

  • Which multi-lang solutions did you use in the past?

  • General landing page feedback

Our goal is to build the best multi-lang tool for Webflow and we believe that’s only possible with your feedback. Thanks in advance!


We use Weglot, mostly happy with this solution, but we have some issues too. In short; with Weglot there is limited control in preventing automatic translations being published to the live site after (even small) text edits in the Webflow CMS-system, its hard for the client to identify whats the latest version of near identical translated text blocks in the Weglot UI and a VERY expensive price plan is needed for URL-translations.

This is a summary of the experience we’ve had with Weglot: Some important things to be aware of before using Weglot for language translation

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