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Weird Safari Bug

Hello everyone,

I have a little problem with my navbar. When I click on it using Safari all the buttoms go to the left and the reorganize.

Please could someone help me?


Too many “max-width”
Yo dont really need them for each link.
Remove them all and you will fix your issue

Hello makloon,

I dont know where do you find those 728. I have no max in those buttons.

That 940px cannot be changed

They can be changed, set them to 0. That one is not the problem though.
The others are in you links

Post a public link

They are disabled. I change them to whatever and they change back to 940 (each button)

The public link there. The problem is only in Safari.

(just click on Preview in window)


That is not the correct link. Make your site public and it will give you the correct link

here ir is

Still not the correct link. Check this out:

Yep that’s what I did, that’s the link I got.