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Weird negative margins

Hello, this is happening in all my sections, why? I revised all the elements and nothng


This is because you’re using column elements which—by default—give each column negative margin on both the left and right sides:


These have essentially been depreciated, just like the container section, as you can get similar functionality with more control using either flexbox or grid.

In your read-only link it looks like you’ve just gone ahead and overwritten the negative margins (which is totally fine) although if you are so inclined I’d recommend you replace your column elements with div elements nested within a flex parent. You’ll have access to better features like absolute centering, reverse column layouts (to make alternating column layouts without affecting the flow of your DOM), and more granular control over sizing.

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wow! Thanks for the fast reply! Yeah, I should change everything to flexbox… :frowning:

Time to work, thanks mate!!! <3

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