Weird "Help my business grow" box on my blog pages, How to remove?

Hey! A strange “help my business grow” is showing up on my blog pages just above the footer. I don’t see anywhere within CMS to remove this, what am I missing? (live link, had to push the blog live for deliverables, but would love to still remove)

Thanks in advance for any help!

FYI: Linked page is throwing a 404.

Apologies! I included a scheduled post versus the live one.

Here is the correct one: Tredegar Construction

Thanks in advance for help!

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Sorry for not including! Thanks in advance! Webflow - Tredegar Construction

You are inserting a CTA symbol in your blog template. That is the reason.

I had a feeling it would be something super simple like that! Can you remind me where that is? I don’t see it under the CMS collection settings - can remind me which set of settings it would be under?

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