Weird gap in the image slider


My image slider on mobile screen has this weird grey area between the image and the slide nav. In my webflow designer (edit and preview mode), I can’t see this grey area (See Screenshot 1). But when I publish it, it is there (Screenshot 2)
. I don’t understand where the problem is, I have checked all the margins and paddings.

Kindly help.

Here is my Read only Link: Webflow - Pallavi's Site


The reason behind this thing occurred is due to the browser’s default behavior. The main fact is that <img> as an Inline element this mean that an image is treated just like an alphabet and it will sit on a baseline like a, b, s, A, etc reminding space is kept for letters like p, j, y etc. This bottom part is in Typography called Descender. All you should do is change image to be a block

Thank you for this suggestion. I tried to put the images in BLOCK but it doesn’t seem to work. Kindly have a look in this link: Webflow - Pallavi's Site

hi @pallavikeshri you have probably send a wrong link as I still see your image to be set as inline-block :man_shrugging: