Weglot integration

Hi all,

We have a pretty big issue with weglot and are curious to know if any of you experienced it and how you solved it.

Weglot’s integration only works with a script that needs to be pasted into the custom code. In that script, Weglot’s API Key of your Weglot’s project is clearly visible, the issue is that because the API Key is visible, anybody can abuse it. Weglot’s whitelisting only blocks unlisted domains from showing the translations if they aren’t whitelisted, however it doesn’t block translations from being requested.

Did anybody encounter the same issue, what was the workaround?

Hey Giulio,

Thanks for your interest in Weglot!

We introduced a new feature where you can mark translations as pending, allowing your project team members to review, approve, or deny them and mark them accordingly.

You’re correct in that we can whitelist your domain name, which means the translations will only be displayed on your website.

That way, you’ll have full control over your translations, while ensuring no one else can use them to translate their website.

An alternative also exists for your issue.

Weglot provides three types of integration options:

  1. JavaScript Integration (which you are currently using): This type of integration performs translations on the client-side, maintaining the same URL as your original website. However, please be aware that this integration does not allow search engines like Google to index your translated pages.
  2. Subdomain-based Integration: With this approach, translations are handled server-side on a dedicated subdomain URL. For instance, if your website is translated into English, you could have a subdomain like https://en.website.com/.
  3. Subdirectory-based Integration: This integration also handles translations server-side but on a subdirectory URL, such as https://www.website.com/en/. If you’re interested in activating this feature, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

You can find more details here: How does Weglot manage the SEO
The subdomains/subdirectories based integration, will connect your website to our servers, and will let us create another version of your website.

Using these integrations would also allow us to translate your website, without adding the JS snippet into your website.

Without this snippet, we’ll be able to translate your website. However, the language switcher will not be displayed, since the JS snippet is meant to do this.

As a result, if you chose this alternative, you’ll need to create your own custom switcher.
In our dev documentation, you’ll find useful information to create your own switcher.

Of course, if you need more help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@weglot.com.

The Weglot Team