Weglot - Display original language attribute in link url

Hello! Is it possible to display original language attribute in the link url while using Weglot on Webflow website?

The original content will be in English (translated version will be in Portuguese), and if I understand correctly, by default Weglot will generate pt.website.com or website.com/pt, depending on if we choose subdomains or subdirectories solutions. And the original website in English will be website.com

However, the client wants to preserve the old links structure, which was website.com/en/page for English pages and website.com/pt/page for Portuguese. Is it possible to display EN in link for the original non-translated website?


Thanks a lot for your message. Weglot Support here, sorry for the delay - We’re glad to help you out.

If I understand correctly you want to keep the /en/ subdirectory to the original version and display the Portuguese /pt/ subdirectory to the translated version?
Note that the subdirectory-based integration is still in beta. I’m not 100% sure we could be able to integrate the Portuguese subdirectory on the same level as the English version (replace the /en/ subdirectory with the /pt/ one).
Could you try to contact support@weglot.com so we can investigate with you. I think we could find a workaround that could help Weglot replace the URL structure in order to make it work the way you want.
Have a great day