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Weglot language selector page

I am building a product website that will be marketed in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and will use Weglot for translation.

In each country, country specific URLs will be marketed:,,

These will be redirected to etc.

(“myproduct” is of course made up)

Is it possible to use only for a country selector, like for example on

the relationship between the sites would be something like this, i Imagine:

Meaning; there would be no page with the URL “”, only “” etc.

(Hope to hear from you @eugene_weglot :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hey @Alexander_Fjelldal,

Weglot needs a live “original” page to create the translated versions from. You would need for example:

The original page can be in Swedish or any language you want but Weglot needs this original page to be based on to automatically create the translated versions and then deliver it on a subdomain.

I hope it’s clear :slight_smile:

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