Website so slow, I can't edit in Designer

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the speed of my website. I have some issues with loading the content and editing the site inside the designer. The website getting so slow that its more and more tedious to work on this website. I really need some help identifying what can be done here. Can one of you help me figure out what the issue is?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - uapp

Also some things to add:

  1. The slow pageload happens only inside the homepage, which shows every article of my 5 collections inside the newsfeed. I use Finsweets Attributes to combine, sort and filter them.

  2. On the frontpage every article gets preloaded to count the amount of words to calculate the readingtime. This effects the loading-speed because there are also videos in some articles and i am aware that this is a very inaffictiant way to do it. (If you have any other suggestion on how this may be done i am all open for it). This though shouldn’t effect the loading-time inside the designer because no JavaScript should be running.

Hey, try lazy loading for images/videos and optimize scripts. Reduce homepage content or paginate articles to improve loading speed I have tried this too on

Check for heavy scripts affecting designer performance.