Website published & problems on mobile


We have finally published our new website made with Webflow:

So far, it works quite well, except the result on mobile hardware with some elements, especially the navbar. In the browser on the PC the navbar works quite well, e.g. adjusts width as required with any window size. On mobile hardware (iPhone 7, iOS10) in portrait view the navbar is wider than the screen so that the hamburgerbutton is not visible, which leaves the navbar out of function.
Any hint how to solve this? Tweak the navbar? Replace navbar with a self made flexbox?


Hey @NorbertWeiss

I’ve noticed you have Horizontal Scroll on your page, since your navbar width is 100% , maybe different interpretation of the browsers (desktop/mobile) of those 100% width

Can you please give us a Share link so someone can take a look at it if it doesn’t solve your problem ? :slight_smile:

hey zbrah,

thanks for the hint about navbar width.
The navbar element should have a width 100% in order to cover the whole width with a 50% transparent black. The container within the navbar uses its standard width - no width is set within the container. So I assume navbar width doesn’t cause this problem.

The horizontal scrolling on the page may be caused by the animated slider “beware of the ad” in the white section above the contact form at the bottom, I assume.

Here is the shared link:

Hey @NorbertWeiss

Nope that’s what i was showing to you, it’s this elements

Try this

Since it pushes your width section may affect the 100% width on your navbar and be interpreted differently than desktop on mobile

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Hey Louis,
how cool is that :slight_smile:
I tried your visual instruction and it works.

Great. Thanks!

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Great @NorbertWeiss :slight_smile:

Please click on the solved box if it solved your problem so the topic can be closed :slight_smile:

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