Website not working on third party host

Dear Webflow community,

the other day I packed my very first WF website and I was very excited until I dropped the package into my client’s host. The website doesn’t seem to load at all and all you can see is a blank page….
It works flawlessly on WF server, when I can open index.html from my desktop the website runs as it’s supposed to.

I followed all the instructions from and exported the code several times (with and without minify option) with no success. I have a lite account and with it I’m supposed to host my website wherever I want to.

here’s a screenshot of the unzipped package

The working website is on

The NOT working website is on

I can also share the working files with any of you if needed.

I really don’t know what to do… your help is much appreciated!

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Hey @Francesco_Di_Ruberti

Maybe @webdev can help here?

It looks like you’ve resolved your issue. Do you still need assistance with this?

I think is a server space issue, therefore I need to upgrade my account, make a test and eventually close the topic.

Thanks all! :slight_smile: