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Website not scrollable

Hi guys,

My website is not scrollable. (My body is overflow = visible). Does someone has any idea how to fix this?


Please share your read only link! I can’t see the website otherwise, it just looks like a static landing page.

I see! Sorry!

I’m a bit confused, what are you trying to scroll to?

There doesn’t seem to be anything on the page outside the viewport, so there is nothing else to scroll to

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Add more content, than you can scroll.

Your elements are set up “incorrectly” too. I added a larger item, but your elements are fixed so they don’t scroll anyways.

I’m not sure why you’re using position: fixed so much, but you should avoid it unless there’s a good reason (like the button on the bottom right). It’s causing a lot of weird issues.

That’s because I want each element to stay on the same place. (I thought that ‘fixed’ is the only way to do this.

That element would usually stay fixed in relation to the viewport, it’s a problem when you start scrolling!

I would suggest taking a quick peak through MDN’s doc on CSS position!