Website doesn't load in safari (or is very very slow)

I’ve been going through the site’s homepage and optimising for safari using xcode simulator, checking the cpu usage, etc… Changed my animations to use css using only transforms and opacity so they will go to the gpu instead of cpu. I’ve got it down so the max cpu usage is around 38%.

However still after this on my phone it loads SOOO slowly. I have checked on two iphones and the same thing happens when first loading the site.

This is an e-commerce store so it’s vital it works on safari. This issue happens on the webflow site as well as the shopify site (converted with udesly).

Any guidance on this would be awesome, not sure where to go now after trying to optimise but still getting this happening.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Camp Hollow

Try testing without Rive.

I think I may have figured out why it wasn’t loading - but can’t explain why this is the case, perhaps you might have some insight on it.

I’ve just noticed that this problem would happen during the the hours between 10am - 9pm. Which is when the parental controls on my internet is set. So for some reason this was adding a big buffer time on the site for some reason. Not sure why that could be…

Any insight would be awesome if you’ve got any ideas.