Website not loading properly on safari

Hey everyone,

we have designed a new website for a client: the website loads great on chrome. But with safari there are a few issues:

  • Loading speed in Safari is REALLY slow. With scrolling whole sections disapear
  • Divblock with blur effect is flickering

This is really starting to annoy me as well as my client. Does anyone have a solution?

Google page speed score is 97/100

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Xolbor)

I don’t think safari likes blur for some reason.

I am having the same problem however, even after removing blur. But you might want to try that!

I have been having the same issue, for months now only with Safari. Happens every other time we try to access Webflow. We are MacBook uses so Safari preferred but getting to the point where using Webflow becoming less appealing given the level of frustration and lack of follow thru for a fix despite constant support requests…