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Website displaying down the page on first load


Sometimes when I visit our newly launched site on desktop (it might happen on mob/tablet too) the site displays two thirds of the way down the page. I can’t always reproduce it but I’ve seen it several times. I’ve put a 2 minute video together with a bit more detail…


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Does this happen for you? Even if it doesn’t, any idea why it’s happening please? Many thanks. Graham

Hi @GrahamCox

On your form on the site that’s hidden to begin with, the first field has autofocus selected, so the browser is automatically going to this field.

Select the field and uncheck this and you should have no problem. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope that helps!

Thanks very much @magicmark. I’ve made the change. Just got a seperate issue to put it live as my site won’t publish at the moment. Have posted about that seperately. Thanks again.