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Website Chat Integration

Has anyone integrated website chat into their systems ?

Something that would allow website employee to chat with prospective client (on website).

Thinking this is a task for jquery ?

If anyone’s done it… would like to see it.


No one has integrated chat into their websites ?

You can use Zopim. It’s working perfectly and easy to integrate.


I highly recommend Firehose Chat if website employee is using Mac. I had a fantastic experience using this product :)


That look really nice with the native apps. I have looked at few of these services and this one seems to rock =) If you are on Mac that is.
(Edit: I was trying to reply to bartekkkustra. And I’m talking about Firehose Chat.) =)

I’m using ZOPIM now, really really easy to integrate and I think it’s helped a lot with customers.

PureChat works great and it’s free!

We just started using Drift on our website, it’s good.