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Webshop with Foxy and Webflow?

When it turns out that the webshop of Webflow is not accepting iDeal payment what we use in the Netherlands, we made this webshop for i client in Foxy. First we copied the free template and after that we made some design changes…


Nice work Koen. I like the clean design of the site.

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing with the community.


Hey Koen, nice website you made. Did you made the entire website on Webflow and then ad the foxy function. How does it work? My understanding of code or the making of websites is none so I wanted to change from Wordpress to Webflow but I need the ecommerce section.

Where do you come from Danielle?
Whole shop
The Webflow shop doesn’t support all payments i want, thats why i use other shops software.

The Netherlands. But did you made the website on Webflow, only the shop section or payment functions with foxy or with stripe?

The whole website is made in Webflow, the shop is a collection with Foxycart as paymentservice!

Oke, Thankyou!! :pray: so that is a really good solution​:+1:t2: