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Webform checkbox not working as expected

Hello team,

We have used web flow for building our website.

We are facing one issue.
For free trial form(,there is one checkbox( I would like to receive Raptivity updates (No more than once a month).).

When anyone is submitting this form, we are getting email on specific email-id. Even if I select or deselect the checkbox, I used to get same value as—
“checkbox: on” In email.

Can you please help?

The name of the checkbox in the settings is checkbox. You can rename this.

The value is fixed though, and will be either on or off based on the state when it is submitted.

Renamed the checkbox to ‘RUpdate’ still I am getting below contents in email after submiting the form. Please note: I have not selected the checkbox.
--------Email content ---------------------------------------------
Name: smita-test
Phone Number:
Industry Drop Down:
RUpdate: on

How to resolve it then?

We move it to the bugs category, and wait for dev team to look into it.

Hi, @smita , to help troubleshoot this, could you please post a link to the site that is exhibiting the same behavior and has the same form setup?

Also if you could, please publish the site so that the form can be tested. I would like to confirm that the feature is working correctly on site, and then help to check the exported site.

I have done some testing for a form submitted to Webflow, from a Webflow Form using the default checkbox widget and removing the custom code from the form. In my test, I get all field values in the backend:

and I am also getting all field values in the email message:

Once you can confirm the site that you are publishing, I can look at that site and how the form is setup and report more info.

Hello cyberdave,
Thanks for the information.

I think we are using Raptivity2

Hi @smita, please follow the instructions exactly.

  1. Publish the site from the designer so that the form can be tested

  2. Post a link to the published site

  3. Post a public designer share link How to get a share link?

Actually I never worked on it before. I tried the same instructions.
Can you please check this link-

I have added new link as testlink

I see that you have inserted the checkbox field using HTML in an embed component like this:

<input type="checkbox" name="checkbox" value="checkboxoption1"> &nbsp;
I would like to receive Raptivity Updates (no more than one a month)

Unfortunately, Webflow email forms do NOT support fields from custom code. Please insert a proper checkbox field from the Elements panel.

ok. Can you please help me getting the exact code after inserting checkbox from element panel?
I am planning to insert the given code in my html page. Is this doable?

You can publish the project then view page source, or export the project.

Below is the code which I got


Added the same code in my page, still not working.

You will have to export the project again, the form data and the generated JavaScript files might have changed as well.

Can you help me giving any such example page please?

Sure, here is how to export a Webflow project:

If you need help with exported sites, you can contact a developer here:

Can I have any one (sample) exported project which has one form and checkbox in it. I will add it in my website and compare the files at my end. I am totally new to the webflow, so need your help please.

Can you help please?

Hi @smita, you can easily create a new project, drop a form via the Elements panel, and export the code.