Webflow Workshop - The developer's perspective on Webflow

Join us on November 15, 2016 at 10:00am (pacific)

In this week’s Webflow workshop, we’ll be joined by YouTuber Travis Neilson from DevTips for designers. Travis has recently learned about Webflow and is currently publishing videos on his first time experience with it.

We’ll learn more about Travis’ journey to becoming a YouTuber and Interaction Designer at Google as well as learn more tips on becoming a better web designer.


Wow. I am so excited about this!

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Found this and it reminded me of what Travis talked about :slight_smile:



I aksed him that question because 1.) In one of his videos, he said he would explain his views on it, and 2.) I’ve always felt conflicted about this pairing of UX/UI for a long time. Some of my thoughts echo Travis’s and others don’t. I wanted to get to the bottom of his and the community’s thought process on it, even though I asked this same question a few weeks ago in another workshop and Nelson and others in the chat gave me their side of the story. We have a great community for feedback. Thanks for posting this!

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I have the same struggle when thinking about this. Even if I know the diffference is pretty clear when watching that image. I have a degree in Interactiondesign but I see my self as UI designer because I don’t do all research stuff a UX-designer usually does. But as I’m designing a think a lot about usability, the overall look and feel and balance so that the user will have a good experience. A good interface design: good experience a bad design: bad experience. I know the difference but I still thinks it’s hard. I agree with Travis though calling your self a UI/UX designer is bad(I must stop doing that), your either. If you don’t do the research, interviews, personas and so on your not a UX designer.

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Yes, I’m with you on the conflict, that’s why I asked him and others about it. To me UX/UI has just been thrown around way too casually and even in wanting to hear and know other people’s opinions on it, that in itself could be considered “UX”, just on a more social scale than web oriented. Even within the comparison image, I can see still see some gray areas, but in a Venn diagram I think the overlap is still thinner than it is thick. I personally believe that content can drive the UX of a website more than the UI, because the UI is not the primary engagement, or, at least shouldn’t be. (Edit: unless you’re a UI designer giving an example.) Years of usability testing has shown me the evolution of (baby) “boomers” using the browser’s Back button instead of trying to figure out the navigation, even though it may have been very simple. In the last few years you can see user testing supports more complex UI models, however, it’s proper use is still centered around the web/tech savvy and younger demographics like Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials) and especially Generation Z, who actually grew up with the web as a constant, having never known a time without the high speed web access. So, those who’ve embrace technology may have a better UX via the UI than other, more passive web users, so it can’t be a universal cover all like UX/UI suggests to me.


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Really interesting discussion!

What I got from the discussion is that UX designer isn’t a position at all. It’s an inherent aspect of most jobs.
That’s why he used the example - You wouldn’t call yourself a Musician/Saxophonist because musician is inherit in being a Saxophonist. You wouldn’t say your a UI/UX designer because UX is inherit in designing UI.

You could be UX strategist (overseeing the organizations overall user experience) who would coordinate the work of the UX researchers and the work of UI designers, marketers ect.


Note: Just for other people’s reference, this video shows what we’re talking about it’s from the Webflow Workshop on 11/15/16.

I think Travis explained it well and I’m happy that he finally answered it, because I wanted to hear his response as well as yours and everyone else who wants to weigh in on the topic. I’m trying to gain understanding about it, but I also what other people… mostly designers and devs to think more about it and maybe even break out of the that “UX/UI” pairing that I’m just not a fan of seeing.