Webflow Workshop - Recreating Digital Surgeons’ “Enter the arena” landing page in Webflow

Recently, I stumbled upon a beautiful landing page. After visually breaking it down, I realized that it could be recreated within Webflow. In this week’s Webflow workshop, I’m going to recreate the first three section of this page.

Hope to see you in the live chat today at 10am (pacific)



Live right now, come join us! :wink::sunglasses:

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From today’s Workshop:

Feel free to clone it :smiley:

Hi nice one.
I missed this workshop. What happened to the blur in the end :smile:

I tried it with a background video, but it was taking too much computer resources. So I removed it for now.

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Any luck putting the blur back in. I tried creating another div block to slide over everything but that doesn’t seem to work on background videos.