Webflow Workshop - Feb 16 @ 10am PST - Using Webflow is good for developers - Jeff Peterson

Not only can designers benefit from the speed and flexibility of Webflow. But, Web Developers as well. We’ll be speaking with one our Software Engineers, Jeff, to learn how developers can harness the power of Webflow.

Guest Bio:
Jeff is pretty good at Rocket League and coding. He’s also one of our Software Engineer here at Webflow :slight_smile:

Make sure you set a reminder now for February 16, 2016 at 10am PST.

See you all there! :smiley:


Has this replaced the postponed workshop with Mat and the other team members?

Yes. Mat has already been on the show before. Time to give another staff member a turn :wink:


Looking forward to it! Thanks, Nelson.

That will be great. I have missed earlier workshops but won’t miss this for the world.
@PixelGeek how are you doing Friend? :wink:


doing great! :smile: and you?

As for the missed workshops, just go to our archive page:

Cheers! :smiley:

Hope you all are ready to meet Jeff :slight_smile:

We’re super ready :smile:

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posted the video for those of you that have missed it :smile: