Webflow Workshop #91: Meet the team behind Webflow

Join us Tuesday on August 15th at 10am (pacific)
[ Watch live ] | [ Join the live chatroom ]

In this special event, you’ll be able to meet and ask questions to some of the team members who work on the Webflow platform.

We’ll have some team members from each team. Backend, Frontend, QA, Support and Design.

This will be an great opportunity for us to get to know the community more and vice versa. :slight_smile:


If anyone has any pre-questions for the team, post a reply on this thread

Love you Nelsoooon :hugs:
Great workshop everytime. Thank you so much for them! Enough hugs, back to work…

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Hello @clinton the team is working on this I think. You can find more info here > Navigation Symbol not working - #34 by JustJoe

Piter :webflow_heart:


Not sure how this got opened @PeterDimitrov But this was 2017 :smiley:

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