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Webflow Workshop - Bringing a static mockup to life in Webflow

Join us live on June 20th at 10am (pacific)
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In the next Webflow workshop, we will be building off of a static mock that a dribbble user, named Gil, created. But after we rebuild the mock, we’ll make it come to life by adding custom interactions and animations.

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For some reason the numbers links are not working correctly, the number 3 scroll to slide 2, the number 4 scroll to slide 3. When you remove the navbar or change its position the slides links work perfectly well.

I still don’t understand why.

Thanks for this workshops Nelson.

Hmm… Yeah. I was having trouble with that during the stream. Did you figure out the issue?

I was playing with it, but still don’t know how to get it to work properly without changing the navbar styles :worried:

I played with it a bit more and get it working. This is what I did.

Put navbar inside a div with position absolute top left, with a width of 90px and an auto height (or zero).
Change the navbar to have a height of 100vh and a position of auto (static).

This way the height of zero of the navbar container don’t affect the scrolling effect.

Have a good day.