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Webflow Workshop #124: Creating a custom modal

Join us on Tuesday, July 10th at 10am (pacific)
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Modals are a great way to quickly offer more information or options without losing context. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to create a custom modal and add any sort of content.

Here’s the free clonable project from today’s workshop.

Have fun with it :smiley:

This does not seem to work with the new beta panel in the Webflow editor. Any ideas?

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem as @failpunk … I cloned this project, didn’t make any adjustments, published it, but it doesn’t work. @PixelGeek, can you confirm whether or not the cloneable project still works for you? Thanks so much!

Maybe this post will help!


here’s a more up-to-date tutorial. Hope this helps :slight_smile: