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Webflow+Weglot and hreflang errors

When running site audits on a Webflow site that is using Weglot for multilingual functionality, I get several hreflang related errors. Semrush is giving me “No self-referencing hreflang” on the original non-translated pages. Several other hreglang testing tools is giving me “Missing return link” on the same pages.

Custom sitemap:

I do not find an obvious solution to these errors. Anybody have some pointers? The site use a custom sitemap, as Weglot does not support multilingual sitemaps. Can the problem be related to this?

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Yes, see bullet number 3 in the first post here:

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Hi @Christoffer

I’m having a hard time getting an answer from Weglot.
They tell me it must be that I pasted the code wrong (which I did not).

Would you be able to share that piece of code you mention in your thread please?

Thank you!


Basically you have to manually set up bidirectional hreflang tags in Webflow for every page with the full URL for all language versions. By default Weglot hreflang tags is not bidirectional because there is no way Weglot can access the head tag in the original Webflow page, hreflag tags is therefor only added to the translated pages where Weglot can access the html. Weglot does unfortunately not inform their users about this.

On the translated pages Weglot will automatically remove these manually added in Webflow.


Here is some good resources:

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I apologize for not answering.
Your tip and Weglot’s staff helped me solved my issues.

Thanks a lot!