Webflow Video Include - Video Plays After a Modal Closes

I am not using custom code here, actually. I am following Webflow’s own tutorials on Modal creation and including Webflow’s own Video include feature… but when you close the modal window… the video keeps playing.

I can see solutions with all custom code, which I can do, but it defeats the purpose of using these tools and enabling my clients some autonomy to update.

Anyone have solutions for this? Especially Webflow development since you built the feature, added the include and even instructed on the practice of modal building in this fashion.

The page in dev:

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Rather than using a custom interaction to open the modal, can you use a light box widget? It’s not as customizable but I think you can insert a video. I can’t test since I’m on an iPad but I think this method stops the video once closed.

+1 for the suggestion by @Port_of_Folio and this is always the best approach to use when presenting more than one video as well. @weareagi - Feel free to add an item to the wishlist if one does not exist.