Stop Playing Video when Modal is Closed

Hello Webflow Community!

I’m trying to figure out a way to pause/stop a video from playing if the modal is closed because currently the audio still plays if a user closes the modal while video is playing. I saw a couple of things on the subject but nothing seems to work.
Here’s my view only project, the pop up video is under “section-1”:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Advanced video behaviours most often require that you use Youtube or Vimeo API in order to control playback.

You can explore two other ways:

Webflow will take care of stopping a video if you use the Lightbox component. And it’s kinda making your popin too. You can try to hack the lightbox with custom CSS to make it look like a popin.

@Finsweet Attributes allow for playback control of a video when it’s in view or not, if it’s a bg video or an html embed video, NOT a YT or Vimeo video Directory - Attributes by Finsweet

Oh yeah! That’s so easy haha. Much easier than what I did. Lightbox does all the work. Thanks!!

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I’ve been hacking this lightbox from Monday to Sunday just because it handles video playback :smiley:

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