Webflow video compression pixelating text


Is there anyway to prevent video compression on a background video in Webflow?
I have an MP4 video file which is perfect to read as an MP4 offline. Whenever I upload it to either Webflow or even Dropbox, the text pixelates and it appears lo-res. (See screenshot)
I’ve provided two test links below. Is there something that can be done to the resolution of the actual file, so this is more clear?


You can’t change the compression level on background videos uploaded to WF. If you optimize the video yourself and self host it, then use a code embed you could work around it.

Not sure if this helps but make sure the dimensions of the video are the same as the container as if there is any resizing either by webflow or a browser it will look bad.

Do you have any embed code where I can test this out?

The client wants it fullscreen, so it’s being set with height:100vh.

Interesting the link in the forum here shows 1920x180 2224kps, 25fps
But the uploaded or file webflow creates is 1280x720, 358kps, 30fps

So as I was saying make the video fit but now to what webflow creates same bit rate and fps.
Embedding video is a whole other topic full of problems.