Transcoding background video decreasing quality


I’ve been getting issue uploading my video on webflow and at first I could not understand why my video seems so blurry when I upload them on webflow.

It turns out that webflow’s transcoding not only decreases the quality of the video but also shrinks the video for some reason.

Please help me if there’s a way around it other than uploading it somewhere else and calling that video again over here.

Jee… I have exactly the same problem! The clients are starting to get pissed off to wait me to resolve this issue! And please @webflow don’t make me upload videos elsewhere and link them in webflow! It’s absolutely unprofessional solution!

Before webflow’s “transcoding”:

After webflow’s “transcoding”:


Read-only link: Webflow - Baby Whales Guild

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In the meantime, please vote this as feature on webflow wishlist: Toggle switch for background video compression | Webflow Wishlist