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Webflow templates: How to use symbols

Dear forum,

I have read the submission guidelines regarding the templates: Within the section “Template Requirements”, there is a text about “Symbols”. Symbols sound great, but I can not figure out how to use these (I am a Webflow newbie within the trial period - so may I miss something)… Or is this text regarding a new feature which is not release yet? :smile:

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It’s up to webflow staff to comment on it, but i’ve heard (and hoping) that it will be released soon. Especially now that they’ve mentioned it in submission guideliness :wink:

Haha this is coming very soon. Sorry for the confusion! Will add a little note “Coming Soon”. :smiley:

@Sommer @rowan - we have a beta version of Symbols that we’re testing now, if you’re interested in playing around:

I love the idea of a symbols feature, but there is one thing I noticed when trying to implement it today on a project - you can’t style the symbols?

Basically what I was hoping to do was to use a large version of an image and use the same symbol for a thumbnail, but scaled down using percentages.

Wouldn’t this be a common use for symbols to relieve some bandwidth downloading images?