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Php include or similar

Hi guys, do you have any plans for implementing any sort of system a little like php’s include function.
At the moment (unless I’m missing something) if for instance, the main navigation gets updated with a new link, button or changed logo we have to wade through every page in a site to replicate the change.
It would be really helpful for us to be able to create common components such as headers, footers and nav elements as separate files and call them from a library and include them on any given page.

Changes and updates would be a breeze then…


These are called symbols and are on the way as far as I know :slight_smile: Be patient and you’ll see them in one of upcoming updates!

Can’t wait for this too! It’s already in beta. We’re polishing it up now.

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Read about “symbols” when reading up on making themes for the market =) A killer feature, for me who make changes all the time to get the right feel =)

Cant wait

It was available for a little while under the hotkey :slight_smile: But you’ve deleted that access >.<

@bartekkustra @PixelAce @jorn - I’ll be publishing instructions for how to access the beta version of Symbols on the forum this evening. The most important thing right now is that it really is in beta, so we’ll be asking beta testers to refrain from using this new feature on really critical sites until we are very confident that it’s stable.


Fantastic, great news.

Did I miss it or is the instructions not published yet?

Would like to try it out =)

None were given yet :slight_smile: Be patient

Ok, I’ll just be be patient then =D

Sorry guys, working frantically to squish some critical last minute bugs! :frowning:

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@bartekkustra @PixelAce @jorn @cyberdave

Hey guys, really sorry for the delay, but I ran into a ton of breaking bugs with the Symbols feature that needed to be resolved first. There are still quite a few issues that need to be fixed, but we’ve finally pushed a beta version for you to play with!

Any update on this feature?

I’m really looking forward to seeing this implemented

Symbols were released shortly after this thread was started…
They work brilliantly, just like every Webflow feature :slight_smile: