Webflow - Stripe Payment Element

I want to achieve what Rise has done on this landing page: Rise

This is a Landing where the user can fill in the email and card details and instantly subscribe to the plan.

I’ve been collecting information about the Stripe quick checkout and I’ve some information but still not the solution yet. What I found is a tutorial in the Webflow forum, explaining the integration of one-time payments, here is the explanation.

But I’m not sure this is the solution to that integration I want.

What I believe I need is the payment element or maybe the express checkout, but both need to integrate with a back-end server. So I’m a bit confused right now.

Is there any feasible way to do it? I’ve seen Rise has an iFrame to embed the Stripe Form but probably uses a server to hold the data.

Thank you!

I have a possible solution for you. You can incorporate a Stripe card in your Webflow form. This will enable the card to take on the styles of your inputs and try to capture payment once the form is submitted. If the payment goes through successfully, all the form fields will be saved in the Stripe payment system, which you can access later on. Please let me know if you are still working on this. Alternatively, you can message me personally and I will be happy to assist you with the setup.