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This is more than likely a very simple coding solution… I have a Slider element and within that, 3 slides. I copied and pasted the Div Block from Slide 1 to Slide 3 and am trying the change the text color on slide 3 only but keep changing 1 and 3 together. I have tried to rename the div block class, but this only renames the div block for both slides 1 and 3 thus taking me back to sq 1. Any help?? I am fairly new to coding if you couldnt tell :flushed:

You need to add a combo class to every class that you want to affect .

So you you’ll have something like this:

Slide > Text = General Text
Slide > Text > White = Same text but white
Slide > Text > Blue = Same text but blue 

Hopefully this helps.


This helped! Thanks!

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